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Field and Pantry

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Local Food Hubs are about community.  We care about our consumers and are dedicated to making sure that quality and care come through in all we do.

You must be a member to participate in the market.

Members will have the opportunity to comment on purchases to ensure quality.

Members will need to place a minimum $20 order to ensure continued free delivery. 


Privacy & Safety

Privacy and safety are extremely important to Field and Pantry.  We will always protect personal information.  The information provided for membership is only to allow secure delivery.  Your information will not be shared with third parties.  Please read the food safety guidelines on the FAQ page.  

The  pantry products are homemade and not inspected by the State of Michigan.  And just like a real time farmer's market, Field and Pantry is not responsible for the individual product and or service provided by an individual farm. 

Payment Methods 

- Credit / Debit Cards

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